♥ 4 Months Ago Today

4 months ago today I married the love of my life. I can still remember just about every moment of that day – and our wedding video helps when I start to forget :-).

I look like I’m attacking Mr. Knight. I went in for “the kiss” so quick he barely had time to wrap his arms around me! I like to be “in charge” of the situation. haha.
photo by Starks Photography, ghetto crop job by yours truly

It would be easy to say that these last 4 months have been bliss, just perfection but, in fact we have been so busy we have barely had time to think. We are both exhausted.

We’ve spent the last four months traveling all over to visit family (every weekend), which included a driving trip to Erie, NYC and Panama City. We’ve designed a few websites, started new jobs (that would be me!), celebrated Mr. Knight’s birthday, attended bridal showers for friends, attempted to install crown molding and new baseboards, brainstormed ideas for another blog (rhymes with Bator Mife), designed and re-designed our wedding album (still in process), said farewell to our good friends who left for Thailand, went to a NFL football game, and are still not done with recaps!

Before I go any further, how about a photo montage of what these very busy Newlyweds have been up to?

Gator Bridesmaid and I chillin’ at Brantley’s locker (the Gator’s QB) at the Gator Women’s Football Clinic.
Totally did this the weekend we got back from our honeymoon.

Posed at random rest stops on the way to Erie, PA for a cousin’s wedding.

Hung out in an Egyptian Temple (from EGYPT!) at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC.
Mr. Knight testing out his fish-eye lens

Bid farewell to SunnyMOH and Groomsman S as they embarked on their journey to Thailand. You can catch them blogging about their adventures in Southeast Asia on their blog.
Designing and coding their blog has kept me busy, and I’m still not done!

Presenting my Thesis project (and representing the University of Florida) at the annual AIA Florida Convention.
AIA stands for the American Institute of Architects. :-)

Visited Seminole Bridesmaid in NW Florida for some 4th of July fun which included sushi, shopping, chauffeurs (cough cough Mr. Knight), yummy food, and gossip!

Chill-laxin’ at the Jaguars/Broncos game which was a BIG game to watch in Florida.
Yes, we are wearing Jaguar colors and not Broncos colors for Tebow. Although Tebow is our Homeboy, the Jaguars are our home team! I can’t say I didn’t borrow Knight Dad’s binoculars a time or two to eye Tebow on the sidelines.

Oh, and how could I ever forget… we STILL haven’t finished our THANK YOU CARDS!!

Yes… that last one keeps me up at night and you think with being up at night I would just finish writing them. It would help if Mr. Knight wrote a few but he managed to get out of it on the fact he has very poor/ugly handwriting and insists on writing with an ink pen that bleeds all over the place.


It has been a busy last 4 months (as you can see). We have only spent ONE weekend home with no plans in the four months we’ve been married. We were looking forward to this coming weekend being our 2nd weekend home since our wedding but… more plans came up that we simply can’t say no to. I guess you can say we are people pleasers. We will learn this whole “saying no” thing soon or later.

What ever happened to the calm/relaxing part of your wedding being over? Once we left our reception on our wedding night I felt such RELIEF. It was over. All the planning, worrying, organizing… it was all over and had turned out better then I ever dreamed.

I swear… Mr. Knight and I need a vacation. Seriousness.

Did you get an unexpected flow of things to do after your Wedding? How did you deal? We had NO IDEA we would be so busy. We thought all our “busy time” was going to be before our Wedding!

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  1. Brandi says:

    We had to get right back into the swing of the things after our honeymoon – I’ve only had 4 days off work since we got back in early June (ouch!).

    There’s never a dull moment! At least it looks like you’re having lots of fun!

  2. Emily says:

    Awwww it really is alot when you see it all in one post!!! We should take a vacay together!

    P.S. When does us hanging out NOT include all those things?????

  3. Mrs Gator says:

    @Brandi: It has been fun!

    @Emily: YESSSS we need a vacation TOGETHERRRRRR!

  4. Janna says:

    Looks like a busy 4 months! Some of my friends and I want to do that football clinic- seems like fun! and my fiance and I were at that game- only in Broncos colors :)

  5. Dianna says:

    We had a similar post wedding whirlwind-o-life! Got married at end of June of ’09, returned from honeymoon 4th of July, the hubby went back to TX where he was finishing up school & I stayed in FL continuing to hunt for places to live (we were moving after his graduation). Headed back to TX to pack for the next few weeks, moved back to FL the 1st week of Aug ’09, flew back to TX the 2nd week for hubby’s graduation (most of our stuff still in boxes!!), & again back to FL right after grad weekend to start his new job. In the meantime, I was still looking for a job in an entirely new career, which I didn’t find until Jan ’10. Husband lost his job in Feb, and opened his own chiropractic practice in July! We have now been married 1 year & 3 months and I still feel like a ping pong ball! The good news is, we’re the happiest busy people ever! Makes any “down time” we get all the more blissful. :)

  6. kjpugs says:

    I love love love LOVE that Egyptian portion of the Met!!!!!!! I did my final project for my art minor on a work in their Egyptian section.

  7. Gator Bridesmaid says:

    You guys need a stay-cation!!!! or a vaction to neW Orlean to visit yours truely…:)

  8. Mr Knight says:

    I can’t wait for this coming weekend… should be nice. And, wow, with the exception of Knight Dad’s thumb in the picture, that Jag’s game photo in iPhone 4 HDR looks pretty amazing.

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