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Having such a public blog, where both your family and friends follow, makes it difficult to really voice your opinions on certain subjects and just plain vent your frustrations of the Wedding Planning process. Brides, Stacy of You Can’t Take it With You and Kelly of Miss Pug’s Pawfect Wedding started The Pissed Off Bride blog, for well… some royally Pissed Off Brides.

Here is an excerpt from their ‘About’ Section:

Everyone has someone they’d like to tell off – but this site is for the pissed off brides out there.

Did a baker completely screw up your wedding cake? Write them a letter here – as unprofessional as you’d like.

Your great-aunt decide that the dress she’ll be wearing to your wedding will be… white? Tell us how you really feel.

It doesn’t matter if you got engaged 3 minutes ago (and already are considering eloping) or got married 30 years ago (and still harbor hefty resentments) – this site is for you. So stop ripping out your hair! Spill your guts, breathe a sigh of relief, and anonymously commiserate with like-minded women everywhere.

The Pissed Off Bride

The post that was up there today is a Pissed off Bride who is tired of getting calls from David’s Bridal, and tired of receiving their copious amount of catalogs in the mail. I can’t help but laugh, because what she says is so true. Whether you need to vent something that has bothered you for days, months, or years, or you just need a plain old laugh, head over to The Pissed Off Bride Blog… it is bound to have you saying “OMG… that really happened?…. She did WHAT?” And… can put your own wedding planning in perspective.

I have yet to submit anything to The Pissed Off Bride blog… but if I had… I wouldn’t tell you, now would I?  :-)

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  1. Miss Gator, you are so kind to post this and to say such lovely things! And mum is the word when it comes to who wrote what submission, so it’s definitely a “safe space!”

  2. Emily says:

    This is amazing. Maybe it will be therapeutic to write about all the thiings I still can’t get over two years later… I haven’t looked at my inlaws the same way since the wedding/wedding planning… Hilarious idea

  3. kjpugs says:

    Thanks so much for the lovely post Miss Gator! I am so glad you can take something from the site!

    I think by the time my wedding is over I’ll have a novel full of letters from a POB… lol!

  4. @TheMissGator LOL Just went on to read some of the POB posts out of sheer curiosity & now I’m cracking up! I’m adding this site to my faves!

  5. @Stacy and @kjpugs: Ya’ll are too sweet and super creative. Loving The Pissed Off Bride!

    @Emily: Sometimes you just have to let it all out to get over it. I’m praying I don’t have to send any letters to The Pissed Off Bride!

  6. Gator Bridesmaid says:

    Haha Love this idea!

    @Emily: I can totally relate that there are quite a few things that after almost a year after my wedding am STILL pissed off about! haha could be therapeutic for sure!!!
    maybe ill post some of mine…..

  7. kjpugs says:

    Hey Miss Gator- can we add your blog to the POB blog roll? We are adding some of our favorite sites. Let me know! You can email me at my email or the POB email for submissions. Thanks for letting us know!

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