• Weekly Obsession • Mrs. Cowboy Boot’s Wedding

Ever since Mrs. Cowboy Boot of Wedding Bee posted images of her wedding, I have been in love. I love her hair and makeup (very similar to how I want to do my hair and makeup on our wedding day) and her bridesmaid dresses are very similar to my lady’s dresses. I just love the whole look. Check our Mrs. Cowboy’s sweet wedding. All images by Tec Petaja Photography

Mrs. Cowboy Boot and Mr. Cowboy BootMrs. Cowboy boot and Mr. Cowboy bootMrs. Cowboy boot and Mr. Cowboy boot I absolutely love this photo. So sweet and romantic♥

Mrs. Cowboy boot's dress with her bridesmaid dressesTo see more from Mrs. Cowboy Boot’s wedding visit Tec Petaja’s blog or follower her on Wedding Bee.

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  1. As a grad of UF myself I have to say how amazing it is to find a bride who has her priorities in order.

    Looks like some beautfiul images for Mrs. Cowboy Boot. Colorado offers some amazing opportunities for images we just don’t get in FL.

    Congrats and go Gators!

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