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These amazing paper cuts by Julene are just out of this world. Can you believe she cuts these by hand?

Where There Is Love There Is No DarknessmadebyJulene (she carries a few already made ones in her Etsy shop); $65 unframed, $95 framed and matted

She also does beautiful custom work.
These are real masterpieces. ↓

Anna and Jose Geek LoveAnna and Jose Geek Love (custom piece)

I carry your heartI Carry Your Heart. I Carry It In My Heart. {how beautiful!}

Anna and Jose Detail shotdetail of Anna and Jose Geek Love

Personalized CardsPersonalized Anniversary Cards

She can do just about any wording. She does come at quite a hefty price tag (starting at 185GBP or $297… whew!). She does offer some pre-cut options for a quite a bit less in her Etsy store (starting at $65).  Visit her website and her Etsy shop for more details.

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  1. Those are gorgeous, I wish I could afford them!

  2. @Stacy Marie: I know! They are so beautiful! Expensive and beautiful. Although they were way out of this girls budget, I felt I just had to share them with everyone! :-)

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